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Vasotec without a prescription

Vasotec is one of the most effective anti-hypertensive drugs in the market. Belonging to the angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors (ACE inhibitors) category of drugs, Vasotec helps to keep raising blood pressure under control thereby reducing the risk factors of this disease. Since hypertension works out the heart muscles to cause early arterial failure, Vasotec stands in the way and helps to keep your heart healthy, indirectly. Like all other ACE inhibitors, Vasotec checks the functionality of enzymes that restricts the path of smooth blood flow through the blood vessel. This helps the heart to pump more blood at ease and with lesser pressure. Vasotec is compimented with other drugs to prevent cardiac failures. However, a qualified physicain needs to be qualified before taking Vasotec.

Vasotec Contraindications

For prescribing the right dosage to you, your doctor needs to know in details about your past and present medical conditions. Don't forget to inform him before he prescribes Vasotec to you, if you are already suffering from any of the following diseases:
- Stroke;
- Scleroderma;
- Salt-restricted diet;
- Lupus;
- Liver disease;
- Kidney disease;
- High levels of potassium in your blood;
- Heart disease;
- Diabetes;

Listed in FDA pregnancy category D, Vasotec can be extremely harmful for pregnant women. This can be as severe as untimely death of the embryo in the mother's womb, if Vasotec is taken during the matured stage of pregnancy. So far, Doctors are unsure as to whether Vasotec contaminates breast milk or not. However, don't take Vasotec before consulting doctors during pregnancy or while nursing a newborn baby. So far, no rigorous testing of Vasotec have been done on children and aged individuals.
Vasotec may not work in proper harmony with all other drugs. You should also let the doctor know if you are already taking any of the following drugs before he prescribes Vasotec:
- Water pills;
- Midamor;
- Maxzide;
- Lozol;
- Lithobid;
- Lasix;
- Klor-con;
- K-dur;
- Hydrodiuril;
- Hctz;
- Eskalith;
- Dyrenium;
- Dyazide;
- Bumex;
- Aldactone;

Vasotec Side Effects

Intake of Vasotec may cause allergic reactions like breathing trouble, closed throat, swollen lips, tongue, or face. However, Vasotec can also cause fatal side effects like severe chest pain, difficulty in passing urine, drowsiness to the extent of getting unconscious, various types of infections and rise in body temperature. Don't ignore such symptoms as they can have dire consequences. Rush to your doctor in such cases.
Users of Vasotec may experience headache, dry, tickling cough, nerve disorders like lack of sensation in the hands, feet, arms, or legs, vomiting, tiredness very often. These side effects are common but less harmful.
Side effects like excruciating stomach pain, skin allergy, yellow eyes, logical disfunctioning, fluctuating heartbeat, nervousness, palpitation are rare but found.

Vasotec Overdose

There is no denying the fact that Vasotec is a wonder drug. But to be on the safer side it is always better to consult a physician and be sure about what is the right dose for you. So far no serious cases of Vasotec overdose has been found. However, the symptoms of Vasotec are extreme drowsiness, lethargy, fainting etc. As soon as you feel that an overdose has been taken by mistake rush to a doctor for the corrective measures.
On the other hand, a missed dose of Vasotec does not cause harmful damages. If you have missed a dose, just skip the earlier dose and take the scheduled one. Remember, a wonder drug can cause fatal effects if taken without care.

Vasotec Intake Guidelines

Rely on the doctor for the right usage guidelines. Normally Vasotec is taken with a full glass of water. Avoid taking alcohol during medication with Vasotec. The combination of both pulls down blood pressure level and may lead to tremendous dizziness. Special care needs to be taken while driving or working on a machine after taking Vasotec. Also, it is absolutely important to maintain higher intake of fluid to keep dehydration at a bay. Intake of food with higher potassium measure is a strict no-no. Don't forget to store Vasotec at room temperature, far from moisture and heat to get the bets results.

Vasotec Other Brand Names

In some countries Vasotec may also be known as:
- Acetensil;
- Alphapril;
- Amprace;
- Angiopril;
- Atens;
- Auspril;
- Bajaten;
- Baypril;
- Bitensil;
- Blootec;
- Cardiovet;
- Co-Enaprotec;
- Defluin;
- Dentromin;
- Ecaprilat;
- E-Cor;
- Ednyt;
- Enahexal;
- Enalabal;
- Enalabell;
- Enalafel;
- Enalamed;
- Enalanorm;
- Enalaplex;
- Enalapoten;
- Enalapril;
- Enaldun;
- Enalten;
- Enapren;
- Enaton;
- Enatral;
- Enatrial;
- Eritril;
- Esalfon;
- Eupressin;
- Fabotensil;
- Gadopril;
- Glioten;
- Hipertan;
- Hipoartel;
- Innovace;
- Kinfil;
- Lotrial;
- Maxen;
- Multipressim;
- Nalapril;
- Neolapril;
- Olivin;
- Presi Regul;
- Pressel;
- Pressotec;
- Priltenk;
- Prodopressin;
- Pryltec;
- Renitec;
- Sanvapress;
- Sifpryl;
- Sulocten;
- Tencas;
- Xanef;