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Ticlid without a prescription

Brand name for ticlopidine, Ticlid is a time tested and popular name amongst variety of Antithrombotic drugs flooding the market.
Used as a drug to provide voluntary relief to ischemic patients, Ticlid reduces the chances of ischemic attacks thereby cutting down the occurrence of mini strokes.
By stopping the blood cells called platelets from clotting, Ticlid helps smooth flow of blood to the brain without hurdles.
As a result strokes caused due to blood clotting is prevented.
If taken regularly, Ticlid can rejuvenate ischemic patients with a fresh lease of life by cutting short the dreads of sudden bouts of mini strokes.
Used for patients who cannot take Aspirin, Ticlid can cause excessive bleeding.
It is recommended to consult a doctor before taking Ticlid.
Ticlid may also be prescribed by physicians to prevent cardiac arrest in patients suffering from other disorders.

Ticlid Contraindications

By reducing the platelet count in blood, Ticlid may TTP syndrome featured by serious disorders like kidney problems, jaundice, nerve damage etc. However, for prescribing the right dosage to you, your doctor needs to know in details about your past and present medical conditions. Don't forget to inform him before he prescribes Ticlid to you, if you are already suffering from any of the following diseases:
- Ulcer;
- Thrombocytopenia;
- Stroke;
- Neutropenia;
- Liver disease;
- Kidney disease;
- History of dental surgery;
- High cholesterol level;

Listed in FDA pregnancy category B, Ticlid is not known to cause harm to the growing fetus if taken during pregnancy. Although Ticlid is not tested on women so far, possibilities of harsh effects can't be ruled out. Ticlid is not known to be dangerous for nursing babies. The effect of Ticlid is on children and older individuals are not known.
Ticlid may not work in proper harmony with all other drugs. You should also let the doctor know if you are already taking any of the following drugs before he prescribes Ticlid:
- Warfarin;
- Voltaren;
- Trental;
- Tolmetin;
- Tolectin;
- Ticarcillin;
- Ticar;
- Sulindac;
- Sulfinpyrazone;
- Relafen;
- Plicamycin;
- Plavix;
- Piroxicam;
- Phenytoin;
- Persantine;
- Pentoxifylline;
- Oxaprozin;
- Oruvail;
- Orudis;
- Orudis kt;
- Orgaran;
- Nuprin;
- Normiflo;
- Naproxen;
- Naprosyn;
- Nalfon;
- Nadroparin;
- Nabumetone;
- Motrin;
- Mithracin;
- Lovenox;
- Lodine;
- Liquaemin;
- Ketoprofen;
- Indomethacin;
- Indocin;
- Ibuprofen;
- Heparin;
- Hepalean;
- Geopen;
- Fraxiparine;
- Fragmin;
- Flurbiprofen;
- Fenoprofen;
- Feldene;
- Etodolac;
- Enoxaparin;
- Dolobid;
- Divalproex;
- Dipyridamole;
- Dilantin;
- Diflunisal;
- Diclofenac;
- Depakote;
- Depakene;
- Daypro;
- Danaparoid;
- Dalteparin;
- Coumadin;
- Clopidogrel;
- Clinoril;
- Cataflam;
- Aspirin;
- Ardeparin;
- Anturane;
- Ansaid;
- Anaprox;
- Aleve;
- Advil;

Ticlid Side Effects

Intake of Ticlid may cause serious allergic reactions. Breathing trouble, closed throat, swollen lips, tongue, or face are the most serious ones. Side effects like poor bone marrow function followed by serious blood problems featured in excessive weakness, sudden bleeding can also take a toll. Don't ignore side effects like unusual stool, excessive bleeding, infection with high fever, stomach pain, excruciating headache, as these may have serious consequences. Rush to your doctor in such cases.
Users of Ticlid may experience side effects like filled stomach, vomiting, drowsiness, ringing sensation in the ears, skin itching etc. quite often. These are common but less harmful.
Side effects like swollen abdomen, blood sprouting out of eyes, joint pain, paralysis, logical confusion, fatigue, too much of menstrual bleeding in women are rare but found.

Ticlid Overdose

There is no denying the fact that Ticlid is a wonder drug. But to be on the safer side it is always better to consult a physician and be sure about what is the right dose for you. So far no serious cases of Ticlid overdose has been found. Overdose of the drug may not be detrimental to your existence but it can always cause fatal disorders. The symptoms of overdose include nausea, breathing trouble, lack of logical functioning. As soon as you feel that an overdose has been taken by mistake rush to a doctor for the corrective measures.
On the other hand, a missed dose of Ticlid does not cause harmful damages. It is better to skip the missed dose completely in order to avoid the chance of overdose and see a doctor as soon as possible.

Ticlid Intake Guidelines

Normally, Ticlid can be taken with or without food but with a full glass of water. It is recommended to take Ticlid after food to avoid indigestion. Don't ignore your physician's advice to take diagnostic tests, as and whenever required. However, don't forget to store Ticlid in room temperature away from moisture and heat.

Ticlid Other Brand Names

In some countries Ticlid may also be known as:
- Agregamina;
- Agretik;
- Anghostam-100;
- Antigreg;
- Aplaket;
- Aplatic;
- Apo-Tic;
- Ateroclar;
- Betlife;
- Clox;
- Desiticlopidin;
- Dosier;
- Etfariol;
- Fluilast;
- Ipaton;
- Isaxion;
- Movin;
- Neo Fulvigal;
- Opteron;
- Parsilid;
- Plaketar;
- Plaquetil;
- Ruxicolan;
- Tagren;
- Thrombodine;
- Ticlodone;
- Ticlopidine;
- Tikleen;
- Tiklid;
- Tiklyd;
- Tilodene;
- Trombenal;