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Lotrisone without a prescription

Lotrisone is a drug that is normally prescribed to relief the patients' itching or / and inflammation that are associated with a great variety of skin disorders. Lotrisone is also known under the generic name of Betamethasone Dipropionate.
Although Lotrisone is normally prescribed in the treatment of several skin disorders, it can also be taken in for other purposes that have not been mentioned in this guide.

Lotrisone Contraindications

Lotrisone is a drug that should not be prescribed to patients who are suffering from any of these conditions: skin tuberculosis , viral or fungal skin lesions, chickenpox, Herpes Simplex, vaccinia , allergic reactions to the drug or to any of its main ingredients (or known allergies to corticosteroids). Topical Lotrisone (is normally applied to the skin), and like any other corticosteroid, is usually absorbed into the patients' bloodstream if it is prescribed for a long time on large skin areas. Absorption of Lotrisone is known to occur most often if the drug is covered with a material that does not allow the skin to breathe properly. This is known to increase the risk of developing some of Lotrisone's side effects. Lotrisone should not be applied on an infected skin area until you make sure that the infection has completely cleared. A prolonged treatment with any topical corticosteroid can result in skin thinning, and the developping of sub-dermal tissues. If you experience these reactions, you should alert your personal physician as soon as possible. The drug's reactions on pregnant women or on the fetus are not known. If you are pregnant or if you are planning to be pregnant soon, you should ask your doctor if it is safe to use Lotrisone. It has not been established whether Lotrisone can pass into breast milk. You should not use Lotrisone if you are nursing an infant without first consulting with a doctor.

Lotrisone Intake Guidelines

The drug ought to be kept at an average temperature of 20 - 30C (that is 36-86F). If you are using Lotrisone lotion, shake it before you apply it to the skin. You should apply a thin strip of the drug (ointment or cream) to the affected skin area one or two times a day. A couple of drops of the Lotrisone lotion should be applied on the skin area one or two times each day. Gently massage the lotion until it is absorbed by the skin. An augmented lotion of Lotrisone should not be applied for more than two weeks (you should not use more than 50 ml per week). The recommended dose per week in the case of a treatment with the augmented ointment or cream is 45 grams of Betamethasone Dipropionate per week.

Lotrisone Dosage

You should get the correct dose of the drug from your personal doctor.

Lotrisone Overdose

We have no information regarding Lotrisone overdose. However, if you suspect that you are suffering from an overdose with Lotrisone, you should alert your local poison control center as soon as you can. Inform your doctor of this.

Lotrisone Missed Dose

Lotrisone should be applied regularly in order to ensure it gives the maximum benefit. If you miss a Lotrisone dose you should take it as soon as you can. Do not apply a double dose of Lotrisone on the affected area unless you are told by your personal doctor to do so.

Lotrisone Side Effects

Lotrisone's most common side effects are burning, irritation, dryness and itching of the affected area. Application of topical glucocorticoids can sometimes suppress the body's cortisol production. This usually happens in the case of potent products such as an augmented Lotrisone formulation. If the body absorbs a potent glucocorticoid it can have an increased concentration of glucose in the blood (which can cause problems especially in the case of diabetics). Other common effects are symptoms of excess of glucocorticoid (such as weight gain, psychiatric issues and a redistribution of the body's fat stores). An excess with glucocorticoids suppresses the inflammation, making the immune system allowing infections to occur easily then before.

Lotrisone Interactions

Topical Lotrisone is not known to react with any of the drugs available in pharmacies. However, you should consult with your personal physician if you are planning to take another drug during a treatment with Lotrisone.

Lotrisone Other Brand Names

In some countries Lotrisone may also be known as:
- Alersan;
- Antroquoril;
- Beclonato;
- Benevat;
- Beta Long;
- Betaderm;
- Betaject;
- Betametagen;
- Betamethasone;
- Betaprospan;
- Betasone-G 12 Horas;
- Betasone-G;
- Betaspan;
- Betatopic;
- Betnelan-V;
- Betnesol;
- Betnolon;
- Betnovate Capilar;
- Betnovate;
- Betrat B;
- Blacor;
- Butasona;
- Celestone Chronodose;
- Celestone Cronodose;
- Celestone M;
- Celestone Soluspan;
- Cevicort NC;
- Cevicort;
- Coid;
- Corteroid Retard;
- Cortiderma;
- Cortimar;
- Cortival;
- Cronocorteroid;
- Cronolevel;
- Deltalaf;
- Dermizol;
- Dermobet;
- Dermovat;
- Dibetam;
- Difenac Forte;
- Diprobeta;
- Diprocort;
- Diproforte;
- Diprolene Glycol;
- Diprolene;
- Diprophos;
- Diprospan;
- Duoflam;
- Eleuphrat;
- Lazar-Cort;
- Metamar;
- Micosep B;
- Prevex B;
- Quiacort;
- Sensitex;
- Solu-Celestan;
- Transderma B;
- Valbet;
- Valederm;