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Imuran without a prescription

Imuran is an immunosuppressive antimetabolite. Imuran's main component is azathioprine. Imuran's other components include the following:
- Anhydrous lactose;
- Corn starch;
- Magnesium stearate;
- Povidone;
- Stearic acid;

Imuran is prescribed primarily for the following purposes:
- Treat rheumatoid arthritis;
- An addition to prevent rejection in renal homotransplantations;

Imuran may also be prescribed for purposes other than those mentioned in this guide.

Imuran Contraindications

Imuran belongs to the FDA pregnancy Category D, which means that it is known to harm an unborn child. Do not take Imuran without your doctor's permission if you are pregnant or might be pregnant during treatment.
It is also unknown if Imuran passes into breast milk. However, it is not advisable for nursing mothers to take Imuran for it may cause harm to a nursing infant.
Imuran should not be prescribed to treat rheumatoid arthritis previously treated with alkylating agents and rheumatoid arthritis in pregnant women.
Imuran should also not be prescribed if any of the following has occurred:
- The bottle or packaging has shown signs of tampering;
- The expiry date on the bottle has passed;
- The seal around the cap has been broken;

Imuran may have several adverse effects. Discuss this with your doctor before taking Imuran.

Imuran Intake Guidelines

Imuran should be taken in exactly as described by your doctor. If there are matters that you do not understand, refer to your doctor, nurse or a pharmacist and ask him or her to explain those matters to you.
Make sure to follow all of your doctor's instructions while using Imuran so as not cause unwanted adverse effects.

Imuran Dosage

Dosage of Imuran should be obtained from your doctor. Dosage may vary from person to person with regards to a variety of factors, which include severity of the condition, age and others.
Do not take in more or less of Imuran so as not to alter its affects and to prevent overdose.

Imuran Overdose

Symptoms of overdose of Imuran include the following:
- Diarrhea;
- Mild abnormalities in liver function;
- Mild leucopoenia;
- Nausea;
- Vomiting;

If you experience any of these symptoms, you may be experiencing overdose. Seek immediate medical attention or call poison control. Inform your doctor afterwards.
Very large amounts of Imuran may cause the following conditions:
- Bleeding;
- Death;
- Infection;
- Marrow hypoplasia;

Make sure to take the right amounts of Imuran to prevent overdose.

Imuran Missed Dose

Doses of Imuran should not be missed. If a dose is missed, however, take it as soon as remembered. If it is almost time for the next dose, skip the missed one and take the subsequent doses according to schedule. Do not take double doses of Imuran unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

Imuran Side Effects

Imuran may have any of the following side effects or allergic reactions:
- Abdominal pain;
- Alopecia;
- Arthrelgias;
- Diarrhea;
- Fever;
- Hepatic veno occlusive disease;
- Hepatotoxicity;
- Hepstotoxicity;
- Hypersensitivity pancreatitis;
- Leucopoenia and thrombocytopenia;
- Lymphoproliferative disease;
- Macrocytic anemia and bleeding;
- Malaise, and myalgias;
- Nausea and vomiting;
- Negative nitrogen balance;
- Neoplasia;
- Skin rashes;
- Steatorrhea;

If you experience any of these side effects, continue using the product but inform your doctor immediately.
Other side effects may also occur when you take Imuran. Inform your doctor if you experience anything unusual while or after taking Imuran.

Imuran Interactions

Imuran may react with the following drugs:
- Allopurinol:;
- Angiotensln converting enzyme inhibitors;
- Other agents affecting myelopoesis;

Other drugs my also interact with Imuran. Inform your doctor if you are taking any medications other than Imuran such as vitamins, minerals, and even herbal products.

Imuran Other Brand Names

In some countries Imuran may also be known as:
- Aseroprim;
- Aseroprin;
- Azaallen;
- Azafalk;
- Azaglax;
- Azahexal;
- Azamun;
- Azapin;
- Azaprin;
- Aza-Q;
- Azathiodura;
- Azathioprine;
- Berkaprine;
- Colinsan;
- Glaxoprin;
- Immunoprin;
- Oprisine;
- Satedon;
- Thioprine;
- Tiosalprin;
- Transimune;
- Zaprine;
- Zytrim;