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Fenofibrate Structure

Fenofibrate 145 contains 145 mg Fenofibrate BP (nanotablet formulation).

Fenofibrate without a prescription

Fenofibrate is prescribed to patients who need to lower their blood levels of triglycerides and/or cholesterol.
Treatment of Hypertriglyceridemia
Fenofibrate is prescribed as adjunctive therapy to diet for treatment of adult patients with hypertriglyceridemia (Fredrickson Types IV and V hyperlipidemia).
Improving glycemic control in diabetic patients showing fasting chylomicronemia will usually reduce fasting TG and eliminate chylomicronemia thereby obviating the need for pharmacological intervention.

Treatment of Hypercholesterolaemia
Fenofibrate is prescribed as adjunctive therapy to diet to reduce elevated LDL-C, Total-C, TG and Apo B and to increase HDL-C in adult patients with primary hypercholesterolemia or mixed dyslipidemia (Fredrickson Types IIa and IIb).

Fenofibrate Warnings

Patients who suffer from any of the medical conditions that have been listed here should not start a treatment with Fenofibrate:
- Gallbladder disorder;
- Hepatitis;
- Liver cirrhosis;
- Severe kidney disorder;

Before you start a treatment with Fenofibrate you should alert your personal health care provider if you are suffering from:
- Diabetes;
- Hypothyroidism;

Fenofibrate Side Effects

Stop your treatment with Fenofibrate and alert your personal health care provider as soon as possible if you develop any of these dangerous side effects:
- Vomiting;
- Severe stomach pain;
- Nausea;
- Fever;
- Abnormal weakness;

You may continue taking this medicine, but you should alert your physician if you experience any of these less severe, but more common side effects:
- Gas or bloating;
- Indigestion;
- Joint pain;
- Rash;

Fenofibrate Drug Interactions

During your treatment with Fenofibrate you should avoid taking:
- Cyclosporine;
- Cholesterol-lowering drugs;
- Blood thinners;

Fenofibrate Dosage

Fenofibrate 145 tablets can be given without regard to meals.
Patients should be placed on an appropriate lipid-lowering diet before receiving Fenofibrate 145, and should continue this diet during treatment with Fenofibrate 145.
Lipid levels should be monitored periodically and consideration should be given to reducing the dosage of Fenofibrate 145 if lipid levels fall significantly below the targeted range.
For adult patients with hypertriglyceridemia, the initial dose is 48 to 145 mg/day.
For the treatment of adult patients with primary hypercholesterolemia or mixed hyperlipidemia, the initial dose of Fenofibrate 145 is one tablet once daily.
Treatment with fenofibrate should be initiated at a dose of 48 mg/day in patients having mild to moderately impaired renal function, and increased only after evaluation of the effects on renal function and lipid levels at this dose.
Dosage should be individualized according to patient response, and should be adjusted if necessary following repeat lipid determinations at 4 to 8 week intervals. The maximum dose is 145 mg per day.

Fenofibrate Contraindications

Hypersensitivity to Fenofibrate.
Pre-existing gallbladder disease .
Hepatic or severe renal dysfunction, including primary biliary cirrhosis, and patients with unexplained persistent liver function abnormality.