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Dutasteride without a prescription

Dutasteride capsules contain the active ingredient dutasteride, which is a type of drug called a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor.
Dutasteride is prescribed for the treatment of enlarged prostate gland.
Dutasteride is prescribed to relieve moderate to severe symptoms of BPH and to reduce the risk of developing a complete inability to pass urine that may require surgery.
Dutasteride is prescribed to treat prostate enlargement, a condition that is medically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH.
Dutasteride works by inhibiting the action of a compound in the body called 5-alpha reductase. This compound is called an enzyme, and is responsible for converting the male hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which is a more active form of testosterone.
By shrinking the enlarged prostate, Dutasteride may alleviate the various urinary symptoms, making surgery unnecessary. You will need to see your doctor for periodic examinations to assess your response to treatment. It may take several months before you notice an improvement in symptoms.
The enlargement of the prostate gland,, which often occurs in men with advancing age, is dependant upon testosterone being converted to DHT within the prostate gland. In the absence of DHT the prostate gland shrinks. By decreasing the amount of testosterone that is converted into DHT, dutasteride therefore helps to shrink the prostate gland.
The prostate gland is found only in men and lies at the top of the tube connecting the bladder to the outside. Enlargement of the prostate causes it to press on the urethra and bladder and can cause urinary symptoms such as difficulty passing urine and increased need to urinate, particularly at night. By shrinking the prostate, dutasteride relieves the pressure on the bladder and urethra. This allows urine to flow freely past the prostate and relieves the urinary symptoms associated with this condition.
The prostate is a chestnut-shaped gland that is part of the male reproductive system. It produces a liquid that forms part of the semen. This gland completely encloses the upper part of the urethra, the tube through which urine flows out of the bladder. Many men over age 50 suffer from a benign (noncancerous) enlargement of the prostate. The enlarged gland squeezes the urethra, obstructing the normal flow of urine. Resulting problems may include difficulty in starting urination, weak flow of urine, and the need to urinate urgently or more frequently. Sometimes surgical removal of the prostate is necessary.
You may see an improvement in your symptoms soon after starting treatment with Dutasteride, but most men will need to take it for at least six months to see if it helps.

Dutasteride Side Effects

Dutasteride side effects that you should report to your health care professional or doctor as soon as possible:
- Allergic reactions such as rash, itching or localised swelling;
- Breast enlargement or tenderness;
- Breast tenderness;
- Decreased sex drive;
- Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection;
- Ejaculation disorders, such as decreased amount of semen produced or decreased sperm count;
- Ejaculation problems;
- Enlarged breasts in males;
- Impotence;

Dutasteride Dosage


Dutasteride has not been evaluated for use in children under 18.

Take one 0.5-mg capsule once a day. The capsule should be swallowed whole.