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Diflucan is prescribed to treat fungal infections.
Diflucan is prescribed for oral, esophageal, urinary, vaginal and possibly other organ infections caused by the fungus Candida.
Diflucan is prescribed in the fungal infection Cryptococcus.
Diflucan is prescribed to treat yeast infections of:
- Fungal infections throughout the whole body and in the blood;
- Fungal Urinary Tract Infections;
- Pneumonia caused by yeast;
- The mouth throat and esophagus;
- Vaginal yeast infections;

Diflucan is prescribed to prevent fungal infections from occurring in people with suppressed immune systems such as:
- AIDS patients;
- Cancer chemotherapy patients;
- Organ transplant patients;

Diflucan Warnings

Inform your doctor immediately if you develop:
- Abdominal pain;
- Clay colored stools;
- Dark urine;
- Itching;
- Loss of appetite;
- Nausea;
- Unusual fatigue;
- Vomiting;
- Yellow skin or eyes;

Diflucan Side Effects

Stop taking Diflucan and contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following serious side effects:
- Yellowing of the skin or eyes;
- Unusual fatigue;
- Swelling of the lips tongue or face;
- Pale stools;
- Hives;
- Difficulty in breathing;
- Dark urine;
- Closing of the throat;
- Abdominal pain;

The incidence of side effects from this medication is relatively high (up to 25%) Many (13%) may get headaches.
Some patients develop:
- Abdominal pain;
- Diarrhea;
- Dizziness;
- Nausea;

Severe skin rash may occur but is uncommon.

Diflucan Overdose

Symptoms of a Diflucan overdose include:
- Confusion;
- Death;
- Decreased breathing;
- Decreased movement;
- Drooling;
- Hallucinations;
- Paranoia;
- Seizures;
- Tearing eyes;
- Urinary incontinence;

Diflucan Form.

Suspension: 350 milligrams (when diluted 10 milligrams per milliliters),
Suspension: 1400 milligrams (when diluted 40 milligrams per milliliters).
Tablets: 50 milligrams,
Tablets: 100 milligrams,
Tablets: 200 milligrams.

Diflucan Dosage.

Diflucan is taken orally or by intravenous injection. Modified dosing is needed if the patient has impaired renal function or if taking certain other medications at the same time. Please consult your pharmacist or physician if taking other medications with Diflucan.
Diflucan is prescribed in children and has been effective down to the age of 6 months of age. Diflucan can cause liver damage in rare cases and the liver should be monitored if taken for several days.