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Differin without a prescription

Differin comes under the form of a gel, to be applied to areas affected by acne vulgaris (or, as known throughout the world in a less scientific manner, pimples). The exact mechanism of action is not known sufficiently, but most scientists have come to believe that the application of Differin to the human skin affects the growth of skin cells, enhancing their development and thus preventing and reducing the formation of pimples.
Differin is mainly prescribed in cases where patients need to be treated for acne vulgaris (most commonly known as pimples). Apart from its primary use, Differin may have other uses as well and may be prescribed for a sum of other skin afflictions, so if you have any questions about why were you prescribed Differin treatment, you should consult your personal health care specialist.

Differin Contraindications

It is recommended that Differin should be prescribed separately from other acne medications, as excessive skin irritation may appear. Differin is absorbed in the human body in very small quantities, so there is little chance it will interfere with other types of treatment or other drugs. Although thorough testing has yet to be done, there are no reasons to believe Differin to be harmful in any way to unborn babies, so usage during pregnancy should be safe. However, it may be best to consult your personal health care specialist prior to starting your Differin treatment if you are pregnant or plan to become soon. Tests have not shown if Differin passes into breast milk, so if you are a nursing mother you should consult your personal health care specialist for further information and a definite verdict regarding your baby's safety during your treatment.

Differin Intake Guidelines

Prior to Differin application, it is recommended that you wash and dry the affected areas. Best results have proved to appear when applying a thin layer of Differin to the affected areas once a day, shortly before bedtime. Contact with the nose, lips or eyes should be avoided, as it can cause allergic reactions. Due to the fact that Adapalene promotes the growth of pimples that are not yet visible, but that have begun to form, there may appear a worsening of the acne at the beginning of the treatment, but the condition is expected to improve within a few days. If the acne condition seems to be getting worse in the first time period, you should not interrupt treatment with Differin, as it will get better within the first week. Remarkable beneficial effects are known to appear within 8-12 weeks. Store Differin in a dry and safe place, at the average room temperature - 20 to 25 degrees Celsius (68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit). Do not store Differin in the bathroom or anywhere near the kitchen sink. Keep Differin away from the reach of pets and children in order to avoid unwanted and possibly dangerous accidents.

Differin Dosage

There is no exact dosage to Differin treatments. You should however consult your personal health care specialist for more detailed instructions for using Differin. If you have trouble understanding any of the directions, ask your physician, pharmacist or a nurse to help you understand the indications. You should also carefully read the set of instructions from your medicine's label for further indications regarding Differin dosage.

Differin Overdose

Overdose with Differin has not yet been studied thoroughly. If you have reasons to suspect you are suffering from Differin overdose, contact your health care specialist or the local poisons center. If necessary you should go to the nearest emergency room in order to receive an adequate treatment.

Differin Missed Dose

As Differin is a need-based drug, there cannot be cases of missed dose. It is better to set up a regular application schedule, but if you miss an application there will be no serious consequences. Apply Differin when you remember, or simply continue with your regular schedule.

Differin Side Effects

Side effects of Differin usage may include, but not limit to allergic reactions, irritation, redness, dryness or itching of the skin in the treated areas. Flares of acne have also been noted, as well as increases in the sensitivity of the skin to sun, leading to sunburns. Although most of the effects decrease with continuous use, it is recommended to use a protective substance on the affected area and consult your personal health care specialist. Excessive sun exposure should be avoided while using Differin, and if there is no way to avoid that, use protective sun screening lotions over the treated areas. If you experience anything unusual or bothersome during or shortly after your treatment with Differin, you should alert your personal healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Differin Interactions

There have not been reported any drug reactions with Differin. However, you might want to consult your personal health care specialist before starting treatment with Differin (Adapalene), as there may be some situations where it may not be recommended. Other acne medications should be employed in this case.
Also, it is best that Differin should not be combined with other similar medications (even if they are simple prescription or non prescription drugs, cold or cough medicines, vitamins, minerals or herbal products), as the effects may vary or result in unwanted complications.

Differin Other Brand Names

In some countries Differin may also be known as:
- Adaferin;
- Adapne;
- Adiamil;
- Adiff;
- Panalene;
- Sinac;