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Budesonide Structure

Budesonide 0.5 mg contains 0.5 mg Budesonide.
Budesonide 1 mg contains 1 mg Budesonide.

Budesonide without a prescription

Budesonide is prescribed for use in infants and children with acute laryngotracheobronchitis - croup.
Budesonide is prescribed in the prevention of asthma attacks.
Budesonide is prescribed for the maintenance treatment of asthma and as prophylactic therapy in children 12 months to 8 years of age.

Budesonide Dosage

The initial dose or during periods of severe asthma or while reducing oral corticosteroids:

Initiating dose:
Adults including elderly:
1-2 mg twice daily

Children 12 years and older:
Same as adults

Children 3 months to 12 years:
0.5-1 mg twice daily

Maintenance dose
The maintenance dose should be individualized. After the desired clinical effect has been obtained, the maintenance dose should be gradually reduced to the smallest amount necessary for control of symptoms.

Adults (including elderly and children 12 years and older):
0.5-1 mg twice daily

Children 3 months to 12 years:
0.25-0.5 mg twice daily

Patients maintained on oral steroids:
When transferring a patient from oral steroids to Budesonide the patient should be in a relatively stable phase. A high dose of Budesonide RESPULES is given in combination with the previously used steroid for about 10 days. After that, the oral dose is gradually reduced (for example 1 mg prednisolone, or the equivalent, every 4 days) to the lowest possible level. The dose of Budesonide RESPULES should not be altered while the patient remains on oral corticosteroids. In many cases, it is possible to completely substitute the oral steroid with Budesonide RESPULES . In other patients a low oral steroid maintenance dose may be necessary.

Patients not dependent on oral steroids:
Treatment with the recommended doses of Budesonide usually gives a therapeutic effect within 10 days. In patients with excessive mucus secretion in the bronchi an initial short course (about 2 weeks) of an oral corticosteroid commencing with a high dose and gradually reducing, should be given in addition to Budesonide.

2 mg as a single dose or two doses of 1 mg 30 minutes apart

Budesonide Contraindications

Hypersensitivity to any ingredient of Budesonide.
Budesonide is contraindicated for the relief of acute bronchospasm.

Budesonide Side Effects

If you develop any of these severe side effects of Budesonide while using this medicine, you should stop your treatment with it at once and seek medical care as soon as possible:
- A rash or unexplained bruising or open sores;
- Difficulty breathing;
- Hives;
- Numbness or pain;
- Swelling of your tongue lips or face;
- Throat closure;
- Tingling;

You may continue using Budesonide but you should inform your personal physician nevertheless if you develop any of these less severe but more common side effects:
- Abdominal pain or nausea;
- Aggression;
- Anxiety;
- Cataracts;
- Deepening or hoarseness of the voice sore throat or cough;
- Depression;
- Dizziness or lightheadedness;
- Dry nose mouth or throat after using Budesonide;
- Fatigue or weakness;
- Glaucoma;
- Headache;
- Increased skin tanning;
- Irritability;
- Throat or mouth infection (white patches);
- Unpleasant smell or taste;
- Weight loss;