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Bisoprolol without a prescription

This belongs to the group of medicines known as beta-blockers. Bisoprolol is prescribed to treat a number of different problems.
Bisoprolol is prescribed for the management of hypertension and prophylaxis treatment of angina pectoris and heart failure.

High Blood Pressure
Bisoprolol slows down the activity of the heart, decreasing blood pressure.

Heart failure
Bisoprolol works by blocking the transmission of messages to the beta receptors in the heart which slows down the activity of the heart and is of benefit in some types of heart failure.

Bisoprolol slows down the activity of the heart and reduces the heart's need for oxygen. This makes angina attacks less likely to occur.

Bisoprolol Contraindications

Bisoprolol is contraindicated if you have any of the following conditions:
- If you are pregnant trying for a baby or breast-feeding;
- If you are taking any other medicines including those available to buy without a prescription herbal and complementary medicines;
- If you have diabetes;
- If you have ever had an allergic reaction to this or any other medicine;
- If you have heart block (a slow and irregular heart beat);
- If you have liver or kidney problems;
- If you have low blood pressure or poor circulation;
- If you have psoriasis;
- If you suffer from asthma or breathing difficulties;
- If you suffer from myasthenia gravis Prinzmetal's angina or phaeochromocytoma (a growth on the adrenal glands);
- If you suffer from severe allergic reactions;

Bisoprolol Interactions

Do not take Bisoprolol with any of the following drugs:

The beta-blocker decreases the symptoms of hypoglycemia:
- Tolbutamide;
- Tolazamide;
- Repaglinide;
- Insulin-lispro;
- Insulin-glulisine;
- Insulin-glargine;
- Insulin-detemir;
- Insulin-aspart;
- Insulin;
- Glycodiazine;
- Glisoxepide;
- Glipizide;
- Gliclazide;
- Glibenclamide;
- Chlorpropamide;
- Acetohexamide;

The beta-blocker increases toxicity of disopyramide:
- Disopyramide;
- Lidocaine;
- Rifampin;

Ischemia with risk of gangrene:
- Methysergide;
- Ergotamine;
- Ergonovine;
- Dihydroergotoxine;
- Dihydroergotamine;

Risk of inhibition of renal prostaglandins:
- Piroxicam;
- Indomethacin;
- Ibuprofen;

- Terbutaline;
- Salmeterol;
- Salbutamol;
- Procaterol;
- Pirbuterol;
- Orciprenaline;
- Isoproterenol;
- Formoterol;
- Fenoterol;

Bisoprolol Side Effects

Bisoprolol side effects that you should report to your health care professional or doctor as soon as possible:
- Tiredness;
- Nightmares;
- Light-headedness or fainting (especially when getting up from a sitting or lying down position);
- Headache;
- Eeling or being sick;
- Drowsiness;
- Dizziness;
- Disturbed sleep;
- Coldness of the extremities (fingers toes and nose);

Bisoprolol Overdose

Reported Bisoprolol overdose symptoms are:
- Congestive heart failure;
- Difficult or labored breathing;
- Fatigue;
- Low blood pressure;
- Low blood sugar;
- Shortness of breath;
- Slow heartbeat;
- Sudden weight gain;
- Swelling of the legs feet and ankles;

Bisoprolol Other Brand Names

In some countries Bisoprolol may also be known as:
- Zebeta;
- Soprol;
- Soloc;
- Monocor;
- Isoten;
- Euradal;
- Emcor;
- Emconcor;
- Detensiel;
- Condylox;
- Condyline;
- Concor;
- Cardicor;